Understanding the ‘Learn Cycle’ of TECHNA-CHECK TC6400

TC6400 tool monitoring system is used in many factories that utilize machines for high volume production. This system monitors the spindle motor to ensure that the tools are not broken or missing. If the tools are compromised, it could lead to disastrous results. However, the TECHNA-CHECK TC6400 will shut down the machine and notify the user if a problem occurs. This process helps the company save money and machine down time. This blog posts deals with the importance of the ‘learn mode’ that can be activated in the TECHNA-CHECK TC6400.

Understanding the ‘Learn Mode’ of the TECHNA-CHECK TC6400

In the machine, tools are monitored for 3 conditions missing, broken, or blunt. This means that the machine will notify the user any of these occur. For each of these types, ‘Learn’ modes are available. In the TECHNA-CHECK TC6400 system, the ‘learn’ cycle is initiated from the front panel of the unit.

If tools are reground each tool could have slightly different grinds. Since the machine cannot distinguish between these grinds, it could wrongly identify a good tool with a different grind as broken. This can create problems. To compensate for this, the ‘learn’ mode has been created. The ‘learn’ mode allows the 6400 to understand the small variations in different makes of a of tool and adjust the limits accordingly. It is recommended to run this mode every time a tool is changed.

The TECHNA-CHECK TC6400 provides reliable tool monitoring. This equipment is extremely useful in CNC machines where different tools are used to make the part. Each tool has its own unique set of parameters that are stored for it. The system helps in detection of broken or missing tools. This process helps protect the head and feed mechanism of your machine. The ‘Learn’ cycle allows the user to save time and familiarize the system to newer tools with small differences from the original taught tool. Thus, using this system ensures uninterrupted and safe functioning of your machines.