The 4 Significant Applications of Techna-Check TTMON

Machine tool monitoring is now easy and cost-effective with the launch of several types of advanced tools and applications in the market. You don’t need to manually check for broken, worn and missing tools, if you invest in any advanced tool monitoring systems. Techna-Tool possesses an impressive track record in providing these monitoring systems to execute highly precision required tool monitoring tasks.

About Techna-Check TTMON and Its Applications

The Techna-Check TTMON, which is a Microsoft Windows application, has gained a substantial competitive advantage due to its superior features, which are unparalleled to none. The application is used not only to enhance a part’s quality and tool life but also to protect your spindle and feed mechanism.

Several industrial and commercial sectors make use of Techna-Check TTMON for applications such as:

  • Missing Tool Supervision – The TTMON is the best application available for detecting missing step-tools in a typical machining cycle. In case of any fault identified during the supervision, a missing alarm will appear in red in the missing window of the application. Also, TTMON provides an indication about the station number where a fault is found.
  • Tool Break Supervision – In the event of a tool break, an extremely sharp ‘Spike’ of Torque occurs in the motor for a short duration. Usually, this Torque Spike is generated due to an extra energy used by a machine in the event of tool breakage. Techna-Check TTMON application possesses advanced features to identify a broken tool by detecting this Torque Spike.
  • Blunt Tool Supervision – As a tool wears down, the efficiency of the tool’s cutting surface reduces to a great extent. . The use of blunt tools results in more torque from the system. Techna-Check TTMON application gives an indication to stop the machine during the tool machining process when it detects a rise in Torque.
  • Idle Limit Supervision – A machine’s idle power must be set within certain limits to avoid tool breaks. High idle power means that there are some problems associated with belts, lubrication, and bearings of the machine. On the other hand, low idle power indicates that a belt is broken, or there is no power to the motors. Techna-Check TTMON ensures that the idle limit is set within the required limits throughout the machining operations.

Exclusively developed for supervising cutting tools on single spindle automatic machine tools, the TTMON application provides the right indication in case of broken, worn, and missing tools. It executes its tasks through spindle power monitoring or vibration analysis.

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