What’s Ahead for the Auto industry in 2013

Only a month into 2013, we can already tell its going to be a great year. While fueled by the excitement of our own growth in the past year, we’re also intrigued by what lies ahead for the innovative industries we serve. One in particular, that is ever-evolving, also seems to have some significant changes and developments unfolding:  the auto industry. After all, in 2012, global sales of cars and trucks will have topped 80 million for the first time!

While we may not be building cars, we’ll be here to improve efficiencies and prevent needless and costly downtime in their manufacturing. And, we’ll continue to be flexible to the industry’s growing and evolving needs. The industry is up for another record year, judging from a few of this year’s releases at the year-end LA Auto Show:

  • The unveiling of 50 new vehicles
  • A dozen clean-diesel vehicles
  • Nearly 20 vehicles that get 40+ MPG with four-cylinder gas engines
  • 24 all-electric or plug-in electric model on the show floor

Of course, Green was a major focus of the 2012 LA Auto Show. However, the industry also gave a nod to that once taboo concept: performance. No longer is the future just about raising MPGs and improving environmental e, it is also about looks, performance, fun, and accessibility. In many ways, 2013 is all about making fuel efficiency available to every price range and performance category. As auto manufacturing adapts to meet these new goals, our tool detection products and systems will be there to ensure reliability, precision, and durability.