Why Choose Techna-Tool TC-USB & PCI?

Nowadays, various types of supervisory systems like tool monitoring systems are used to ensure the efficiency of machining processes across various industries. These systems are designed to detect any kind of disturbance in the machining process and wear of machine tool components. The detection helps minimize the high cost of replacement tools, lost production, and rejected parts. At Techna-Tool, we offer several models of TECHNA-CHECK® tool monitoring systems, which contribute to the detection of tool wear, tool breakage, whilst also helping to estimate the remaining tool life. Let’s have a look at one of the most sought after models amongst Techna-Check tool monitoring systems, TC-USB & PCI and its beneficial features.

Reasons to Choose Techna-Check TC-USB & PCI for Tool Monitoring

Designed to be used on standard motors, AC servo motors and variable frequency drives, TC-USB & PCI provides valuable information about your machining process. By providing critical information on a timely basis, TC-USB & PCI protects your CNC machine and tools, whilst also ensuring that machining is being performed properly. What accounts for the popularity of this tool monitoring system?

  • The system, which uses USB or PCI, is designed to monitor 1-128 tools or cutting processes per motor.
  • The unit can be easily connected to 1-20 motors.
  • USB & PCI allows for easy configuration using TTMON Windows-based software.
  • Designed for unattended operation, it allows easier setup with independent limits for Break, Blunt, Missing and Idle supervision
  • The offered USB & PCI allows for quick and easy computer connections.
  • Designed to meet the needs of large scale production systems, it can efficaciously measure vibrations on spindles or fixtures.
  • The design of the unit allows for easy transferring of measurement data via Profibus or TTBUS.
  • Equipped with Curve enveloping feature for limits and Touch Point limit for grinding and balancing machines, the model helps identify tool wear and damage in the preliminary phases.
  • Available pre-installed in industrial PC with touch screen, USB & PCI helps improving machine uptime and reducing cycle times.
  • The parameters of the system can be adjusted by the operators easily at any time.

TC-USB & PCI model offered at Techna-Tool, thus, keeps your machine running longer by detecting catastrophic tool failures at early stages. The system can be best utilized for detecting faults in multi-spindle drill heads, multi-spindle lathes, CNC lathes, rotary cycle machines, grinding wheels, transfer lines and so on. Would you like to know more about TC-USB & PCI tool monitoring system? Let us know your queries, the experts here at Techna-Tool will assist you by providing all technical guidance to understand the product better.