Techna-Tool is Exhibiting at Gosiegerfest 2019

CNC machining is not new, still, it is one of the hottest manufacturing technologies in use today. Do you know it is also one of the most celebrated and discussed technologies around the world! However, although CNC machines are designed for long working hours, they may fail to perform at times. Why does it happen? There are several factors that may hamper the working of these machines. You can avoid the breakdown of these machines by identifying their faults on time. This is only possible when you rely on tool and process monitoring tools such as Bk Mikro and Techna-Check. Do you want to know how these tools may add value to your CNC machine shop? You can discuss the possibilities with the Techna-Tool team at any time. However, if you want to see these tools and understand their benefits closely, you need to stop by Techna-Tool’s booth at Gosiegerfest 2019 – a biennial gathering of CNC machine and manufacturing services held in Dayton, Ohio. The event is scheduled on September 25 and 26, 2019 at Gosieger, Inc. World Headquarters.

What to Expect from Techna-Tool
Techna-Tool has been helping its clients to improve their productivity and minimize machine downtimes by identifying the tool and process defects before they become critical utilizing the following tools:

  • BK MIKRO: It is a tool-monitoring system which is designed to detect broken tools. It is also employed for applications such as position recognition, object inspection, and analyzing part defects.
  • TECHNA-CHECK: This is a tool and production monitoring system, which is developed to monitor worn, broken, and missing tools.

In addition to knowing the benefits of the equipment, you can also discuss your production bottlenecks with the team of experts at Techna-Tool’s booth. With appreciable expertise and experience to their credit, they will help you overcome the current challenges by employing the right solutions.  
4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Gosiegerfest
Gosiegerfest 2019 is a gathering of CNC machining service providers, users, and vendors, and is quite different from several other CNC machining trade shows in the US. What makes it different?  

  • 600+ Industry Suppliers: If you happen to attend Gosiegerfest 2019, you will get a chance to meet 600+ industry suppliers, including Techna-Tool. This means you get a chance to add value to your business by seeing their products in action, and understanding their underlying cutting edge technologies. Also, you can discuss trends with likeminded suppliers, and learn about new and improved machining tools.
  • 1000+ Attendees: This year, the event is expected to draw more than 1000 attendees from across the US. There is a chance to meet decision-makers, machining enthusiasts, service seekers, and many others. The event also provides various networking opportunities for you. You can engage in discussions with other attendees, learn about their service proficiencies, discover new machining strategies, and add more value to your career and business.
  • Technical Sessions: A CNC machining event is incomplete without a technical session and organizers of this event know it really well. The event will have more than 7+ technical sessions focusing on the latest CNC machining technologies and trends, thereby making it educational, informative, and enjoyable for attendees.
  • Refreshments and German Beer: You can enjoy authentic German food and beer at the event. The beer will be served by Gosiger Automation’s beerbot, which is an automated equipment. Also, there will be a live performance by Sauerkraut German band.

Event Details

  • When
    • Wednesday, September 25 / 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
    • Thursday, September 26 / 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • Where
    • Gosiger, Inc. World Headquarters 108 McDonough St. Dayton OH 45402