Why Tool Monitoring Systems are Essential in Factory Setups

The success of industrial machinery in a factory depends a great deal on speed and efficiency. These 2 factors are dependent on the tools that are used in the machine. Broken or worn out tools can be huge problems for factory owners. It can lead to the machine breaking down, immense downtime, and excessive expenditure.It is important that such situations be brought to light before they take place. One way of accomplishing this is to use a tool monitoring system.

Tool monitoring systems consist of various systems and sensors, which keep track of the various tooling processes and overall state of the machine. If the system finds that a tool is worn out or will break, it immediately stops the machine.

Finding and Choosing Tool Monitoring Systems

If you are on the lookout for impeccable tool monitoring systems, the best company to contact is Techna-Tool.

Techna-Tool is a name synonymous with quality tool and process monitoring systems. Since 1990, we at Techna-Tool have supported a number of industries by providing one-of-a-kind and effective contact and non-contact monitoring systems.

The company provides the following systems all designed to measure true power or vibration of the spindle or axis motor to check for Broken, Missing and Dull tools:

Tool Monitoring System

Benefits of Tool Monitoring System

Techna-Tool’s systems can provide a number of advantages to industrial customers.

  • Surface finish and tolerances can be improve with the detection of tool wear and damage.
  • Expensive tools can be changed before any severe damage takes place.
  • The system is easy to install without any need of modifying the machinery.
  • It has a built-in learning function, allowing it to compensate for differences in processes.
  • The system maximizes the service lives of both the tools and machinery.

There can be no doubt that tool monitoring systems benefit industries in terms of efficiency, time, and expenditure.