Why You Should Purchase Hirth Gears from Techna-Tool

Hirth gears are types of mechanical connections that are used to connect two pieces of a shaft to each other. Developed by engineer and inventor Albert Hirth, these gears have become essential machinery pieces for a number of reasons. They can take on very high loads, are self-centering, and maintain tightness in the joint. Hirth gears are used in various applications such as crankshafts, gas turbines, medical devices, machine tools, and agricultural machines, to name a few.

Today, there are only a few companies that regularly manufacture Hirth gears. And, if you are looking for precision design, unmatched performance and long service life at a very competitive price, you need to take a look at Techna-Tool Inc. For more than two decades, Techna-Tool has been the leading provider of high grade engineered products as well as contact and non-contact tool monitoring systems.


Hirth Gears by Techna-Tool

At Techna-Tool, we provide Hirth gears ranging from 500mm to 1500mm in diameter.The gears are manufactured using high grade chromium-molybdenum steel. We provide the gears with an inside diameter quality up to ISO h6. The indexing precision of the gears is ±1″, while the total height of the coupling can be measured at ±0.1 mm.

CNC milling and grinding are the two main manufacturing processes that are used to produce the gears. The manufacturing process involves the following steps:

  • Milling the Teeth: The gears are rough machined, thermally annealed and thermally stress relieved.
  • Rough Grinding the Teeth: The gear’s faces and diameters are rough ground after induction hardening.
  • Precision Grinding the Gear Surface: Both the inside and outside diameters of the gear surface are precision ground to hold accuracies.
  • Inspection: After a final grinding process, the gears are thoroughly inspected before being shipped for delivery.

Benefits of Using Techna-Tool’s Hirth Gears

The design and manufacturing process of Hirth gears provides them a number of benefits.

  • The chromium molybdenum steel makes completely resistant to wear.
  • The design and finishing of the teeth allow the two gears to couple tightly together and provide firm locking for machining forces.
  • Techna-Tool gears havenegligible axial and radial run-outs.

Precision design and manufacturing makes Techna-Tool’s Hirth gears the perfect mechanical product solution for a variety of industrial applications.