Will It Blend?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put your iPad into a blender? Maybe the thought intrigues you, or it might possibly make you cringe – but either way, the great folks at BlendTec made quite a splash on YouTube doing just that!

So far over 14 million people have watched Blendtec’s Tom Dickson attempt (and succeed) in this one blending mission. However, the fun doesn’t end there, if you visit BlendTec’s YouTube page there are a plethora of equally interesting and hilarious “Will It Blend?” videos.

Tom has attempted to find out if you can blend everything from Justin Bieber CD’s and DVD’s, to iPhones, to hockey pucks (not to ruin the surprise but the answers to these pressing questions are yes, yes, and yes!) Trust us, these videos are very addictive, so we advise you set aside a big chunk of time because you will not be able to stop watching.

One thing that ought not to be lost in all the entertainment is the simple fact that BlendTec makes superior blenders, mixers, and grain mills. At Techna-Tool, we are proud to supply these industry giants with two different products, our innovative Techna-Check Tool Monitoring System and our BK Mikro series.  When you are trying to build the perfect blender – one capable of blending anything and everything – you really need to be able to monitor your machinery to make sure it is running at peak performance. That’s what we do for BlendTec each and every day.

Anyway, enough about us, it’s time for you to go to BlendTec’s YouTube page and find out the answer to that question, will it blend?