4 Things to Consider When Choosing Machine Tool Monitoring Systems

Tool monitoring is an important aspect of any manufacturing process. It helps evaluate the machining process to ensure proper machining and help the operator take the necessary steps to avoid downtime and prevent defective production. Owing to these features, machine monitoring tool find it’s application across multiple industries. These systems gather information sensors and interpret the data to offer insights on the machine, power consumption, and other details. Choosing the right machine tool monitoring system is important. However, the selection of a machine tool monitoring system isn’t easy as it may sound. This is because there are different types of systems with various specifications which may or may not work for your application. There are several things to consider before making a decision. Are you intrigued to know what they are? If so, then read the following post.

Things to Consider While Buying Machine Tool Monitoring Systems for Your Application

Here are some important factors one should consider before selecting tool monitoring systems. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Purpose:

    What is the purpose of using this machine tool monitoring system? The system may perform several activities such as monitoring worn, broken or missing tools, monitoring idle power faults, and so on. You need to identify which parts of your process are problematic and how these features may help you improve productivity.

  • Usability:

    One of the most overlooked aspects regarding monitoring systems is their simplicity and ease of use. Many systems require avanced training and technical support from the manufacturer. Working with a system that is easy to use and has knowledgable support staff is important.

  • Analytics:

    Many systems offer data collection. It is very important to have a clear understanding of what data is important to you and how you intend to use it. Once you know this you can find a system that offers the type of data you’ll need.

  • Pricing:

    This is another important consideration when selecting machine tool monitoring systems. Pricing can vary greatly between tool monitoring vendors. Many times the more you pay doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a more advanced system. Make sure to get a couple of quotes that include all interfacing to the machine control and training needed to ensure the systems success.

The above-mentioned tips may help you in choosing the appropriate machine tool monitoring system for your facility. When selecting a system, ensure your partner is a trustworthy industry leader such as Techna-Tool who has been working with monitoring solutions since 1990. These systems not only help in improving the overall productivity but help you optimize the value of your machining investments.

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