About Techna Check TC-USB Model

Techna-Tool possesses an impressive track record in providing dependable tool and process monitoring systems to multifarious industrial sectors. Techna-Tool’s various tool monitoring system models help you with your automated production processes by identifying broken, worn and missing tools.

The Model TC-USB

The model TC-USB can be connected to the USB port of either a stand-alone PC or industrial PC in order to run tool monitoring applications. TC-USB, which is a communication controller, has the capacity to monitor 1-128 tools or cutting processes per motor.

TC-USB Model

Mechanical and electrical specifications of Techna-Tool TC-USB model include:


  • Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Mounting: 35 mm DIN-rail
  • Protection Class: IP40
  • Temp. Range: -15 to + 50 C
  • Weight: Approximately. 70g
  • Dimensions: D 105 x W 35 x H 60 mm
  • Connections: Max 1,5 mm2


  • USB: Version 2.0
  • Supply: From USB interface max. 0.5 Amp.
  • TTBUS: Electrically Isolated RS485
  • Profibus(Option): Electrically Isolated RS485
  • On Led: USB Power is Supplied
  • TTBUS Led: TTBus Communication Active
  • Profibus Led: Profibus Communication Active
  • Error Led: TTBus CRC error or timeout

Two Major Points to Consider While Installing Techna-Tool TC-USB Model

  • Ensure that you have followed the right installation procedures properly. Make use of driver installation file to install the controller to your PC. This helps to run the tool monitoring application successfully.
  • Assign the right COM port number to smoothly run the tool monitoring application. Choosing the wrong COM port number affects the communication between the application and the TC-USB unit. (COM Port number can be seen in the ControlPanel->System->DeviceManager)

Techna-Tool – Always Committed to Provide you Complete Assistance

Partnering with Techna-Tool brings you extreme satisfaction as we take efforts to know your requirements before suggesting a model. We make sure that you understand the product well, including its specific application areas, installation and maintenance, when making the purchase. Also, we give you essential tips and instructions to use the unit successfully.