Why Should You Option for Tool Breakage Detection Systems from Techna-Tool

There has been increasing the use of a tool and process monitoring systems in the manufacturing sector for the last few years. Several types of tool breakage detection systems are invented to monitor broken, worn and missing tools. This monitoring system uses advanced signal processing technologies to provide accurate results.

Efficient Tool Breakage Detection Systems from Techna-Tool

Techna-Tool is the most reliable name in the industry for providing several tool and process monitoring systems to multifarious industries.

Techna-Tool offers various models of tool monitoring/breakage detection systems that ensure automatic monitoring of the condition of a tool. Models available at Techna-Tool include:

  • Model TC-USB – This system is ideal for measuring true power on a machine spindle or axis motor. It checks for any kind of vibration on the spindle or fixture, and makes sure that the vibration is within the set range.
  • Model 6400 & 6401 – This tool breakage detection system from Techna-Tool can be used with standard motors, and AC servo motors to detect any missing, broken, or dull tools. This model comprises a curve enveloping feature for limits and on-board data collection.
  • Model PCI – This system is ideal for monitoring 1-128 tools or cutting processes per motor. Independent limits can be created for detecting idle, blunt, broken, and missing tools.

Since most industrial equipment today are automated, these monitoring systems help in giving indication of any missing, damaged, or worn tools. All these models can be used for effective tool breakage detection in:

  • CNC lathes
  • Rotary cycle machines
  • Machining centers
  • Dressing of grinding wheels
  • Roll grinding machines
  • Transfer lines

Choose the Right System to Get your Job Done

Techna-Tool tool breakage detection systems help automate production processes of several industries. We provide our systems to customers ranging from machine building, metal cutting, packaging machines, plastics and chemical engineering, wood processing, medical, and measuring industries.

We will help you choose the right tool monitoring system after carefully analyzing your application requirements.
To know more about our tool breakage detection systems, log on to http://www.techna-tool.com/.