Production Monitoring System and Its Benefits

A manufacturing process has various stages such as ideation and conceptualization, product design, analysis, production and testing. Since production is an important aspect it needs to be monitored at every step. This techna check production process contains many steps and monitoring/controlling these steps manually is not an easy task and opens the door for human errors.

A software or an automated system which can be integrated into the production process is highly recommended. These systems can be mounted on the electrical cabinet of a production machine and monitor the functions and health of a machine. The system sends production information to a main database which can be viewed on a remote PC or displayed in the production area to show daily goals. The production monitoring systems offer various benefits discussed in this post.

Know How a Production System Works

Inter-device communication plays a big role in software-based production monitoring systems. These smart systems help boost productivity and are instrumental in creating smart, hassle-free workplaces. Normally you rely on the machine operator to manually input production data into the system. A production monioring system is automatically collecting this information and adds the production numbers to your system. Here are the functions and uses of a production monitoring system:

  • Once connected to the machine the system collects production data through 24vdc IO or through ethernet communitcation.
  • Data can be sent via wired or wireless networks.
  • If the machine goes down the monitoring system will keep track of downtime and it can be assigned to user definable catagories. Some examples of downtime are maintenance, waiting for material, operator breaks, etc.
  • By collecting this data, it is easy to see the machine overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Based on this, the company can make some strategic decisions regarding their production such as increasing the volume per day, changing the schedule for the staff, and so on.

Benefits of a Production Monitoring System

  • Pinpoint problems/bottlenecks with production or specific machines.
  • Get realtime data on the machine such as running or not running, current production and if it is behind schedule for the day.
  • Reduce product cost by decreasing inefficiency in the manufacturing process.
  • Sends email if machine is down for more than the allowed time.
  • Evaluate machine operators to know how they compare to their peers.

Typical Appications

  • CNC Machines
  • Die Casting
  • Transfer Lines
  • Screw Machines
  • Rotary Transfer Machines
  • Stamping & Press Machines
  • Bottling & Canning Lines
  • Packaging Lines
  • Plastic Injection Molding

Techna-Check Model PM-2 Specifications

  • Software compatible with WIN7 or WIN10
  • Standard unit comes with 7” touchscreen PC in custom enclosure
  • Option for customer to supply own PC and purchase the Techna-Tool PLC for IO interface
  • Connects using wired or wireless networks.
  • 2 versions of software
    • 1st version at the machine for data input and collection
    • 2nd version that acts as a server version to display machine data on larger displays or area managers computer
  • Machine data is logged and is automatically saved into an Access database
  • Compatible with most machines controlled by PC, PLC, CNC or Relays
  • Fanuc Focas interface allows for data to be gathered without additional PLC

When you’re ready to add a production monitoring ensure you install a system from a reliable supplier who understands your requirements completely. Techna-Tool manufactures, installs, and provides production monitoring systems. Techna-Check PM2 is a great choice to get started with. You can contact the team at Techna-Tool via email or phone to discuss your needs.

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