Techna Gear Grinding and Advantages of Using Techna Gears Discussed

Techna Gear Grinding
Techna Gear Grinding Process

Precision Hirth gears are one of the important types of gears used in different industrial machines to connect two shaft pieces. These gears feature precision ground surfaces that help improve their performance in crankshafts, medical devices, gas turbines, and agricultural machines. There are fewer companies that offer these gears, and Techna-Tool stands tall among them. How surface grinding of these gears add to their performance? How Techna-Tool performs the Techna gear grinding at its facility? What are the advantages of using precision Hirth gears in your applications? Do all these questions interest you? If yes, you must read this post to know the answers.

A Brief Discussion on Importance of Surface Grinding of Gears


Precision gear grinding is an important process in gear manufacturing wherein the variations on gear teeth are eased using tools and equipment like abrasive wheels or CNC grinders. The precision ground gears possess brilliant gear geometry. Do you think this reason is enough to assure better performance? Perhaps, no isn’t it? The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • The precision ground gears assure excellent meshing effectiveness, which contributes to the smooth operation of gears.

  • Smoothly ground gears produce no noise, which tremendously helps to cut down the noise pollution in industrial environments.

  • The precision ground gears are less likely to wear out like cut gears, which is why they are preferred in machines that demand high reliability, as well as performance.

Precision Grinding of Techna Gear or Hirth Gear at Techna-Tool


At Techna-Tool, the Hirth Gear is manufactured through rough machining, and is then thermally annealed and semi-finished using a roughing technique and is stress relieved. The following techniques are employed to ensure the precision Techna Gear grinding.

  • The faces and diameters of the gear are ground using highly effective Danobat CNC grinders. The teeth induction is hardened to HRc54 ±2 surface hardness.

  • Next, the gears are precision ground on their faces – inner and outer diameters using advanced CNC grinders such as Mägerle and Voumard grinders.

  • The Hirth teeth are semi-finished ground and then unclamped and reclamped for final grinding using Mägerle grinders. Typically, the matching face Hirth gears are ground to 0.0005mm using Mägerle grinders. The ground faces are finely inspected on Zeiss coordinate machines to test the accuracy of grinding.

All these steps help ensure the appropriate grinding of Hirth gears. The next section will help you understand the benefits of using these gears in industrial machines.

Benefits of Using Precision Hirth Gears in Your Industrial Machinery


Knowing the steps involved in Techna Gear grinding is just the tip of an iceberg, the gears stand out due to their features. The following features of these gears have contributed to their easy acceptance in the industry.

  • The Hirth gears are manufactured using Chromium-Molybdenum (41xx Series) steel, which is one of the super-tough steel alloys used today.

  • The durable construction enables it to withstand challenging environments and offer the best value for investment.

  • The ground and surface finished teeth of these gears enable them to withstand wear and tear which they may encounter during regular functioning, thereby increasing their shelf life and performance.

  • The gears possess several teeth, which create rigid locking of shafts between them. This rigid locking also helps it withstand machining forces.

  • The gears are self-centered, which assures low axial, as well as radial run-out.

If you feel knowing these features is not enough to make a decision, you can get in touch with the team at Techna-Tool to gain more information on precision Hirth gears. They would be happy to help you. Techna-Tool also specializes in the design and manufacturing of production and tool monitoring systems that are known for helping businesses boost their productivity and minimize their downtimes.

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